The Gang

Steve Denny

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Skiing fast, riding far, floating on rivers far and wide, and a little bit of mountain running

Where did you go to school?  Colorado Mountain College aka CMC aka See Me Ski

What is your favorite RMS score? Today?

What is your dream job? Slangin’ gear in Carbondale, CO

Strangest place you’ve woken up?  On a portaledge in the Black Canyon

 Favorite Snack: Vegetables

 Inspirations: Honnold, Croft, HK, Chouinard, AW, Jornet, Steck

  Motto: Look good, Have fun, Be safe


Aisha Weinhold

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley? Lifer.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Skiing, mountain climbing, running, fishing, boating, tanning, and yoga.

Tell us a story about epicing in the mountains. My first date with Steve Denny, we went on a 10 day climbing trip in the Wind River Range, WY. We got rained out and spent 3 days in a tent. Then we got married. Epic!

Favorite Book: “Climbing Free” – Lynn Hill

What is your favorite RMS score? A husband.

Favorite Joke: “What did the mama buffalo say when she dropped her son off at school?” “Bye-son!”


Tyler Vaughan

How long have you been at Ragged Mountain Sports? Been here since day 1, hanging out on the couch until the day I got a job.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines? Skiing, Biking, Packrafting, Fly Fishing

Where did you go to school? CMC for Outdoor Education; Mesa University for Elementary Ed.

Fears? Aaron Rolstening myself.

Favorite Place: Colorado Plateau

Favorite Snack: Crackers, Salmon, Bree, and and some Chocolate. Oui Oui Mon Ami!!

What is your dream vacation? Riding bikes forever

Inspirations: Rickey Gates, Jeff Jackson


Elissa Rodman

When is your birthday? September 16, 1987

Do you have any pets? Two. Banksy, a Maine Coon cat, and Charlie (the shop dog).

Motto: It’s a magical world, Hobbes. Let’s go exploring.

Best invention ever: Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer:

Favorite Movie: Scrapple

Favorite Book: The River Why by David James Duncan

Tell us a Joke: How do you find Will Smith in a snow storm?
A: Look for the fresh prints.

Longest without a shower? Probably around a month and a half.

Fears? Snakes. Definitely snakes.

Strangest place you’ve woken up? On the floor of a hostel in downtown Dublin, spooning my backpack, and without shoes.

What is your dream vacation?  Really, just having a couple of good friends, a few months, a van, all the fun gear, and a loose plan.