Hayden Joins the Ragged Gang


Hayden Kennedy Carbondale, CO

Here’s an exclusive interview with the man himself.

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Snow-slogging with a heavy pack, sunny rock climbing (preferably with girls), powder skiing, and kayaking

Longest without a shower?  I have gone a full 6 weeks without a shower.  Anytime you wake up from your own smell it’s been too long…

Inspirations:  Black Sabbath, Clapton, Flea, Croft, Mike Fowler, Rolo Garibotti, Doug Scott, MK, Pennings, just to name a few

Fears:  Avalanches, waking up without coffee, having to wear a Bluetooth earpiece for an entire year

A story of epicing in the mountains: Most epics in the mountains are pretty much the same; get cold, wet, hungry, thirsty, scared and then spoon with another man

Best invention ever: Uhh, does music count as an invention?

Written by Jenny