Stephen Joins the Ragged Gang

Stephen will be joining us after a ski/alpine trip to the Pacific Northwest in early June.  Stephen lives in Carbondale and shares a passion for the outdoors and this valley in particular.


Stephen Dilk   Fulton, NY

What are your favorite outdoor disciplines?  Climbing, skiing, sailing, lawn darting, gardening, stooping

How long have you been in the Roaring Fork Valley?  9 solid months

Longest without sleep?  An unrighteous 30 hours

Three things I always pack:  Moxie, an open mind, a knife

Quote to live by:  “You gotta play this game rough: in out, get grab-bung!”

Favorite Book:  Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed

What is your dream vacation?  I would go to space as the Payload Specialist on a shuttle mission (or on any space mission in general)

Written by Jenny