About Us

A Brief History Lesson

Local legend, Jenny Hamilton started Ragged Mountain Sports in the Spring of 2010 in response to the robust gear culture in the Valley in tandem with the emergence from a nationwide recession. Since the early days, Ragged has been run by a tight-knit crew, whether that be immediate family or friends. This level of intimacy has allowed us to build lasting relationships and deep trust with Consignors - both of which are vital to our success and the enrichment of our community. Jenny started Ragged with the intent to “share the love.” Jenny still lives in Aspen, CO. She owns Red Fox Frozen Yogurt on the Aspen Mall and her husband, James Foerester owns Elk Mountain Expeditions. 

In 2015, Carbondale local, Aisha Weinhold bought Ragged from Jenny and continues to run the business today. 

Our Mission Today

We are here to help make the outdoors more accessible. Not only are we a starting point for people new to the sport, we are also a gathering place for old heads, gear junkies, houseless people, weird Texans, immigrants and other adventurous humans. With this wide demographic, we place the utmost importance on treating all of our customers with the same amount of respect and psych. We check our egos on a daily basis to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers over our own. 

Our Approach

We use a five-prong model to run the business day to day and to inform our decision making around where to go next. 

1. Reuse: Through consignment, we sell gear you’ve loved and provide quality products at a discounted price.

2. Redistribute: We aim to distribute unsold used clothing directly to those in most need.

3. Repair: We offer fashionable and effective mending and repairs to extend the lifecycle of your clothing and gear. 

4. Reshape: We repurpose unsellable clothing to give textiles another life rather than sending them to the landfill.

5. Recycle: When possible, we recycle textiles to raw material for various uses.